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Improve your financial market skills

Learning by doing is a trump of FXLABS leading candidates to be able to:

  • Quoting all currencies pairs
  • Managing and hedging FX risk
  • Providing liquidity to the market
  • Acting as market maker.

FinLabs is a training platform that allows candidates to improve, upgrade and acquire the basic knowledge and skills necessary for:

  • Local and international FX markets and their derivatives
  • Money Market and their associated instruments.

Expired Sessions

All stats on expired sessions, detailed results and various dashboard.

Upcoming Sessions

Programmed sessions. Last step before starting to trade.

Ongoing Sessions

Join your bank to make profits or follow traders in action.
  • Join a live foreign exchange market(Session)
  • Create your own smart Dealing Room and join a group of traders' community
  • Set your dealing strategy and be familiar with various separate dealing functions
  • Be a Market Maker and contribute with your own quotations
  • Perfect your skills while managing your Profit and Loss within a Risk Strategy

Join a session

The training in FinLabs is designed for anyone whose effectiveness would be enhanced by explanations of the foreign exchange market, its products and operations.

FinLabs is a prior to students and professionals to:

  • Enhance their skills
  • Integrate a professional environment in the best way.

FinLabs is designed for the following groups:

  • Financial and business students
  • Financial engineers
  • New entrant dealers
  • Junior dealers
  • Middle office and operations
  • Market Risk officers
  • Accounting officers
  • Auditors and compliance officers
  • Traders
  • Front Office sales
  • IT dealing room soft developers
  • Financial training center
  • Business schools